Guide to Metal Detecting for Kids

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Metal detecting is a really fun hobby but it has a stigma attached to it in some manner. Most people think that it’s limited to people who are older and have a lot of time on their hands, but it can be a really fun activity for kids too!

Kids are always reading stories about pirates and explorers who travel throughout the world looking for hidden treasure. Their imaginations are open and free, so living out a real-life treasure hunt will probably be more enjoyable for them than adults may realize. It is like a really fun game of pretend that ends with a big bag of rare finds from the neighborhood!

Metal Detecting is a Great Outdoor Activity for Kids

Outside of the fun that kids would probably have, metal detecting is a creative way to get kids active and moving around for extended periods of time. Sitting in front of the television for hours on end is the most common way to hold a kids attention for several hours.

Metal detecting gives them something to focus on so that they feel productive as they move around. Running laps or doing exercise isn’t going to feel like a game and active games can be hard on the joints and muscles of a kid who is growing if they exert too much energy for too many consecutive hours.

Metal detecting will keep them walking around and gives them a reward system for doing so every time that they find something cool to put in their bag!

When kids are metal detecting, they need to be well prepared for what to expect. It can take a while to find the first items that they can take home and sometimes that can be frustrating for kids. The payoff isn’t immediate, and they need to have their expectations tempered in advance to avoid that feeling of disappointment or boredom.

You might want to try to capitalize on the idea of a treasure hunt in order to hold their interest. Maybe hide one or two things ahead of time so that they are guaranteed to have that encouragement right away.

As time goes on, their interest will develop naturally and you won’t need to cheat like that in the future.

Safety Tips for Metal Detecting with Kids

The fact that these adventures take a long time also means that they need proper water and food to last throughout the excursion.

Kids can get dehydrated really easily and they need proper sustenance for growth because they exert so much energy.

It is really important to make sure that kids have a water bottle and some snacks like an apple or a bag of grapes on hand for them to be able to pause and recharge as they go.

Ignoring this step could mean that metal detecting does more harm than good for them, and that is not the best way to get them started on what could be a really fun experience!

Kids need the right equipment to make sure that they give this hobby a fair shot. They need comfortable shoes and clothes to keep them cool and feeling spry throughout the day.

However, they also need a good bag to keep their treasure in that will not weigh them down too much. Their hands are small, so try to keep them free by getting a bag they can attach to their waistband instead of carry around.

Since kids are generally small from head to toe, they are also going to need an actual wand that will not weigh them down either. Don’t get them one that is adult-sized because it will be heavy and awkward for them to carry.

Make sure that they are able to hold it without the wand’s handled reaching over the top of their head.

Kids also need to be kept safe while they explore, and that probably means that they will not be able to explore every location that their adult counterparts can.

Construction sites are no place for young children and can have more safety hazards for them because of how small they are and how easily they can slip through holes or how much more damage can be done if something falls on their heads.

Best Places to Go Metal Detecting with Kids

Beaches and Parks: Taking them to the beach or a park are better places to start them off because they will already feel comfortable and be expecting a fun day in that type of environment.

Historic Buildings: If you are metal detecting with a particularly adventurous kid, then do some research on an old building that you know does not have too many safety hazards within it and you may spark a more vested interest from the kid you are exploring with!

Neighborhood Schools: You might even want to look in places that are already familiar to the child like a school or a neighborhood that they used to live in so that they already know the layout of where they are searching.


Kids are full of life and metal detecting is a very lively hobby! Most people may not think that they would enjoy it as much as they do, but there are actually kids all over the world who have taken this hobby up and really enjoyed it.

Join online metal detecting blogs and groups that discuss metal detecting among the younger generations and don’t be afraid to suggest it to your little one. You may be surprised at how much they take to it, and you both may be surprised at how much hidden treasure there is to find out there!

Take the time to start the process, and take advantage of the quality time when you do. It is rare that you can find a hobby that allows exploring, exercise, treasure and enough time to talk and bond all at the same time.